Darrin Joines Announced as New WCS AD

Darrin Joines, WCS Atheltic Directors
Darrin Joines, WCS Atheltic Directors

Darrin Joines is no stranger to athletics and marketing.  He has been a head boys basketball coach for 20+ years as well as a successful Marketing teacher at Beech High School and Franklin High School.  In the short time Joines has been in WCS he has transformed the Franklin Marketing classes, Boys Basketball culture, and the overall athletic presence at FHS. 

Joines took the Rebels to the AAA State Tournament for the first time in 30 years last season where they were knocked out by the eventual State Champions, Bearden.  This was a huge accomplishment to his coaching resume.  However, some of the "other" projects Joines accomplished while at FHS ranks at the top with the State Tournament appearance.  These other projects consisted of rebuilding the Franklin High School Athletics Hall of Fame.  Joines did this as a class project with his Marketing class.  Another project that he brought his classes in on was this website.  The class vetted three website competitors and heard a presentation from each.  The classes then voted and decided which one they liked best.  Laster, with the help of the FHS Boys Basketball Booster Club, acquired something that no other school in the state has...a ScoreVision jumbotron.  Once the LED board was installed the Marketing classes helped create content as well as operate the board during basketball games to enhance the fan experience.  

Joines has helped the Franklin High School bookstore become profitable and has enhanced the WCS Adidas contract through brand awareness.  He has helped clubs and organizations within the Rebels community design, create, and order officially licensed Adidas gear for their programs.  Joines is also no stranger to large WCS Sports Conference vents such as the WILLCOs.  He has served multiple roles in this event as the talent on the Red Carpet Show and has provided hosts, hostesses, and award bearers for the event, all coming out of his Marketing class.  

With his athletic background, coaching experience, and marketing mind Coach Joines is a perfect fit for the WCS Sports Conference Athletic Director.  He will be the 4th ever in this position replacing Jeremy Qualls who will be taking the CTE Executive Directorship starting July 1.


Joines Named 4th WCS Athletic Director